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Our ultimate aim is to add value for clients every step of the way and we tailor our offering according to their needs. Based in Dubai, UAE, we work across the Middle East region and we will also travel further afield for specific requests.

Project Management
Any project comes with inherent risk and uncertainties specific to programme, quality and cost. A key role of fifty2 is to mitigate these risks through early identification and control of any subsequent issues to limit potential long term damage to the project goals and outcome. By default, the client is then armed with the correct information to make informed decisions at key points of the project cycle.

Project Planning
  • Prepare and manage initial brief and budget
  • Develop an organic master programme
  • Advise on the requirement of the consultant team
  • Manage the procurement and on-boarding of sub-consultants
  • Advise on procurement strategies to meet the project goals
  • Advise on the requirement for any due diligence surveys
  • Oversee project communications

Feasibility Concept
  • Prepare Feasibility Study including cost schedule and scope
  • Prepare Master Plan & Conceptual Design Plans
  • Assist with contract negotiations
  • Provide Scheduling, Cost Estimating, Cost Controls, Budget Reporting

Project Construction Contracting
  • Oversee the bid process, negotiations and provide recommendations
  • Initiate contracts
  • Coordinate consultants to deliver required design documents
  • Perform ongoing constructability reviews during all the design process to identify risks, variables and opportunities
  • Provide and coordinate regular progress reports
  • Chair regular on-site Owner, Architect and Contractor (OAC) meetings
  • Project forecast cost to complete

Project Close Out
  • Negotiate and finalize all outstanding change orders
  • Manage Punch List items
  • Assist in obtaining an occupancy permit
  • Collect as-built documents and warranties and turn them over to the Owner;
  • Initiate inspections by various agencies holding bonds;
  • Coordinate Civil Engineer’s completion of bond release items;
  • Assist the Owner as they begin to occupy their new facility to make certain the Owner and the facilities manager are satisfied with the condition of their new facility

Client Representation
At fifty2 we represent clients’ interests by acting as a single point of contact for the duration of the project. We utilise our expertise gathered in the local market, along with knowledge of supply chain, to provide a seamless delivery within the agreed timeframe and according to the expected quality.

By engaging with the client to establish and define the budget prior to any other consultants being involved, we can manage the design process within the stipulated commercial parameters so that the client’s expectations are met.

Project Monitoring
We will monitor the project on behalf of an owner, developer or fund and by working with the appointed project management and consultant teams, we will provide, without exception, objective reporting on cost, quality, delivery and risk. This gives the client ultimate control over the final outcome and our services can be kept flexible in order to accommodate specific requirements.

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